Microdosing Psilocybin, with Fabio Rodríguez

“When I enter the world of plant medicine, I suddenly feel happy, relaxed. It’s like I found my space, my purpose,” tells Fabio Rodríguez, as we chat in his Sacred Valley home. Fabio is the founder of the Peru-based project MicroHealing, which provides facilitation for individuals using microdose quantities of psilocybin for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Fabio— a former yoga instructor and graphic designer, among many other professions — divulges that he experimented with “every type of substance you can name” as a teenager, yet he always held a great respect for plant medicine, especially ayahuasca. For decades, he considered the psychoactive brew to be the ultimate medicine for healing and inner work.

That all changed just a few years ago when he was able to pull himself out of an extreme depression with the emotional and physical supportive benefits of psychoactive mushrooms.

“To put it simply, psilocybin changed my life. I’m convinced that mushrooms can give you the same information as ayahuasca if you are prepared, put your intentions, consume in a safe and natural space, and receive proper guidance,” asserts Fabio. “Now I want to ensure that others can safely and securely reap the benefits of this medicine, just as I did.”

Cultivating Options

Depression has been a part of Fabio’s life since he can remember, and he refers to it as a karmic syndrome that has been carried down the lineage on his maternal side. But it was a professional blow in 2018 that trapped him in such a severe spell of depression that his immune system was weakened and he contracted tuberculosis. Hospitalized by the bacterial disease, Fabio, who had abstained from taking antidepressants, suddenly found himself with handfuls of pharmaceutical pills and their subsequent side effects. He needed to find an alternative.

“I’ve always been a geek, perhaps that’s my graphic designer side,” notes Fabio, with a slight grin. ”So I began to pour myself into investigating psychoactive mushrooms, their relation to battling depression and how to cultivate them. That’s when I came to know the work of Dr. James Fadiman, who had decades of research and studies concerning shrooms and LSD.”

Consuming mushrooms that he had cultivated himself, Fabio followed the Fadiman protocol (microdose one day, take two days off) for 10 weeks. He quickly noticed how the psilocybin provided him with emotional support and strength, accelerating his recovery process and ultimately aiding him in quieting his depression.

“Psilocybin gives your brain a boost of neuroplasticity, allowing you to change how you think and ultimately get to a place of wellness,” details Fabio. “It’s especially effective for people with depression because it clears your brain from the darkness änd opens the door to a lit path. And if we choose to walk through that door, we realize, there are formulas for breaking away from depression, be it sports, art, or contact with nature…For me, it used to be surfing, but now I retain positive energy by surrounding myself with the Apus [sacred mountains] here in the Valley.”


Around the time of his recovery, Fabio came to know the founders of the Peruvian start-up Microhuasca, now a successful company that supplies small amounts of ayahuasca for healing purposes.

“Seeing what I had lived and experienced with microdosing be converted into a business plan by the Microhuasca team greatly influenced me,” says Fabio, who officially launched the MircroHealing project in 2019, working first with friends in Lima who could benefit from a facilitator to accompany them in their healing journey of microdosing psilocybin. Soon after, he began organizing mini retreats and small group gatherings along the malecon in Lima to create awareness and share his personal experience of working with psilocybin for medicinal purposes.

Based on his personal experience, Fabio considers shrooms to be safer and more reliable than ayahuasca when it comes to grounding oneself and remaining in the present moment. This powerful grounding effect leads many, including Fabio, to correlate magic mushrooms with the first chakra, also known as the root chakra.

Through his project MicroHealing, Fabio provides personalized service that begins with a preliminary interview to explore each client’s intentions and needs. As a facilitator, Fabio stays in contact with his clients throughout their microdose process via weekly phone calls or messaging, even supplying them with a virtual notebook of questionnaires and prompts to help them track the changes brought on by microdosing.

“My aim is not to be a life coach, it’s truly to ensure that the mushrooms expand and do their work in the best way possible and to reinforce my clients’ personal journey,” says Fabio, who has helped over 500 people so far. “But I remind all of my clients that microdose capsules are not a magic pill. And that’s true with any natural medicine. You still have to put in the work and be conscious of what comes up, and that’s where having the extra support of a facilitator makes the difference.”

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